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Scorpio Races
December 9, 2012, 7:38 pm
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The Scorpio Races, by Maggie Steifvater, is a fantastic novel about a race for water horses. These horses are deadly and magic, they come from the sea. They feed on flesh, as well. However, people come from far and ride to watch other people race these deadly animals. Several people always die in these races, but nevertheless, everyone watches. A man by the name of Benjamin Malvern owns almost everything on the island, and he runs the races. He is extremely rich, although he has a son by tje name of Mutt Malvern. Mutt Malvern has hatred for the main male protagonist, Sean Kendrick. Kendrick lost his father to the races, so he rides in them with his father’s horse. He won four out of six times, but he works for Malvern, because Malvern owns the stables and the prized horse, Corr. Sean’s dream is to buy Corr and be free of Malvern and the races. Then, the main female protagonist, “Puck” Conolly, declares that she will ride in the races. She will be the first woman ever to ride, and she rides a regular land horse, when the race is for water horses. She makes a friendship with Sean, and they train together. The two slowly fall in love. Mutt Malvern, due to his hatred for Sean, tries to slice Corr’s hamstrings so he will never ride again, but he slices the wrong horse. Sean finds him before he attacks Corr, and gets him to leave. Then, on race day, Sean kisses Puck, and Mutt sees this. Mut decides that killing Puck would be a much better torture for her Sean stops him, but Corr gets cut, and he will never walk again. Puck fights with people who try to kill her because she is a woman, but in the end, it is she who wins, and on a normal hors. Mutt, however, dies. And in the end, Sean and Puck both become happy.

I thoroughly loved this book. It was a wonderful tale of love and magic, and the book seduced me, just like the magic of the sea and horses seduce the riders. This book actually made me cry at a couple parts, as well as making me smile and happy. I would definitely read this book time and time again, and I recommend it for anyone.

                                                                                                           Austin Branson


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