Reading for a Lifetime Together

January 22, 2013, 1:38 am
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Chime is a novel written by Fran Billingsly. It is set in a little town called “Swampsea” in England in the early 1900s. However, this is no ordinary town, as the people there are haunted by Old Ones, which are horrors that live in the swamp and feed off of the energies of people, driving the swamp folk insane and taking their lives as well. To combat this, the people must carry a bible ball with them, which is a ball of paper inscribed with bible verses. With these in hand, the Old Ones cannot harm the people. This story follows Briony Larkin, whose mother died when she was born. She is the daughter of the clergyman, and she has a twin sister, and she had a stepmom. But she also has a secret. Her stepmother noticed how jealous Briony was of Rose, and how Briony could run through the swamp without a bible ball. Briony had the second sight and wrote the stories of the Old Ones. Her father beame ill and distanced himself from the family. Then, the girls became ill. However, her stepmother had died, and their illnesses disappeared. Stepmother, however, told Briony that she was a witch and that that was why she had the second sight. She also said that it was Briony’s fault that Rose fell off of the swing and hit her head on the stone, causing her “wits to be broken”. Then, a stranger comes to town. Eldric. Briony and Eldric form a relationship that Briony thinks is lust. Eldric came to the Swampsea with his father, from London. Their job was to drain the swamp of its water to build a railroad track going through the swamp. The spirit of the swamp , The Boggy Mun, gets angered by this, and he sends the swamp cough to claim the lives of the infected. There is no cure, and death is certain. Rose becomes afflicted with this illness, and Briony risks her life to save her. She confesses that she is a witch and tries to get everyone to stop draining the swamp. She is to be hanged, but for once, she doesn’t care. She stops hating herself. She realizes that she loves Eldric. In the trial, Rose finally lets out her secret, that Briony isn’t a witch. Briony has the second sight because she was born at midnight, during the chiming of the church. She was the next Chime Child, blessed with the second sight. She would write the Old Ones’ stories again, and she would live her life happily with Eldric.

ChimeThis novel had me reading eagerly. I could not put it down. It made me laugh and smile, and it was just terrific to read. I loved it and I would definitely recommend it for anyone. I actually had to force myself to stop reading. I just could not stop reading. So, anyone should pick up a copy of Chime and start reading!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Austin Branson


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