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Before I Die
January 31, 2013, 11:19 pm
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I read Before I Die by Jenny Downham. This novel was a short read, but it was very powerful. It follows the tragic story of a young girl suffering from cancer. She was diagnosed 4 years ago and has now discovered that she is terminal. Throughout the novel, her illness becomes worse and she begins to slip away. However, this isn’t just the story of some girl dying. 17 year old Tessa Scott has dropped out of school several years ago, and she has a list of 10 things she wants to do before she dies. Starting on the first night of the book, she goes out to do number one, and have sex. She does so by going out with her friend, Zoey. They go back home with some guys and Tessa loses her virginity. She cries after and goes home. Later, she meets a boy by the name of Adam. She does drugs with him and he helps her with her list. Several months later, we come to learn that one of the boys got Zoey pregnant. Zoey wants to get rid of the baby, but then changes her mind to name it after Tessa. Unfortunately, Tessa would not get to live to see what was number 10, to meet Lauren’s baby. However, she did fall in love, and eventually, everyone was there with her when she passed away.

 This book was just fantastic. I thought maybe I wouldn’t like this book so much, but it was just the opposite. I liked it so much that I finished it in three days, because I could just not stop reading it. I loved the book and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. I had to fight back tears at many different parts, and I became so attached to the characters that it felt like I was there with them in the story, talking to them. Before I Die truly is a very powerful story that truly will stick with you forever, as the cover says.

Austin Branson



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