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Between Shades of Grey
February 17, 2013, 8:02 am
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    Between Shades of Gray is an emotional novel set during the holocaust,and told through Lina’s perspective. Lina is an exuberant  fifteen year old Lithuanian,  until the Soviet’s rip everything she holds dear. Constantly Lina realizes her misfortune of being a prisoner of war for the soviet’s,  but simultaneously her luck. Throughout her endless trek, Lina is dragged through numerous pit stops that mentally and physically drain her will to live. Each stop could potentially be the end for her and the other passengers abroad the train wagon. I think the fear of dying drove Lina, her mother Elena, and her younger brother Jonas to keep fighting for the hope they would one day be reunited as a family back in their native  Lithuania. The tantalizing dream of one day being reunited as a family begins to look more impossible, as disease and death slowly pull their dream to shreads.                                                                                                                            When Lina befriends Andrius she never thought that the friendship would lead to a serious romantic relationship. While waiting for the war to end, she began to lean on Andrius more and more for survival. Andrius seems to be Lina rock in many situations, but their intial courtship was a bit shaky. Lina and Andrius butted heads about certain issues, but as the emotional climate around them began to thicken they were irrevocably drawn to each other. The couple endured the worst situations with their head held high together. Although Lina could never be back in Lithuania with her  whole family alive, she understood she would walked back with a new family and an enduring memory of what happened to enrich her future. Between Shades of Grey is a great novel to read and I recommend the novel to anyone want to cry and smile at the same time.

By: Lindsay Young


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