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Papers Covers Rock
February 17, 2013, 9:09 am
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Paper Covers Rock

        Paper Covers Rock is a novel about sixteen year old by the name of Alex. Alex lives in all male boarding school in North Carolina during the early 1980’s. Haunted by the tragic death of his friend  Thomas, Alex finds it hard to adjust to life without the companionship of his best friend. Glenn  who was present when Thomas died, is determined to keep what happened on the day of  Thomas’ s death secret. When Miss.Dovecott arrives to teach at the all-male boarding school, she seen walking by the cliff where Thomas died. Glenn becomes convinced that Miss.Dovecott saw them with Thomas the day he died. Suddenly Glenn tries to convince Alex that Miss.Dovecott is trying to frame them for Thomas’ s death. Eventually Glenn begins to plot the demise of  Miss.Dovecott career as a teacher, by forcing Alex to seduce Miss.Dovecott.

Alex is already attracted to Miss.Dovecott but he doesn’t want to resort to unorthodox methods to uncover the truth about how much Miss.Dovecott knows about the day Thomas died. He resists Glenn’s unreasonable suggestions for uncovering the truth by gaining Miss Dovecott trust. Without realizing his power over Miss.Dovecott he seduces her without much effort on his part. He writes the most eloquent poems during her class without much effort. Alex knows that there’s an undeniable attraction between him and his teacher but questions whether to use this opportunity to uncover what Miss.Dovecott knows about Thomas ‘s death and blackmail her for her silence. Jenny Hubbarb has written a complex novel about the psyche of a boy dealing with the implications of the loss of a friend.

 By: Lindsay Young


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