Reading for a Lifetime Together

March 7, 2013, 12:53 am
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Image    Unwind follows the story of three kids who are to be “Unwound”, a process created after the second civil war, which was fought over abortion. The end result was the creation of the Bill of Life. This bill made life protected from conception until the child reaches the age of thirteen. From thirteen to eighteen, the child may be unwound. This means that every single part of the child’s body is harvested and placed inside of the bodies of other people to serve as transplants. The child does not technically die, so the bill of life is satisfied. These three children must work together, and then split apart, but reform to ensure their safety. Two of them befriend an old navy admiral who owns a plane graveyard, saving children. The two slowly fall in love, and face other demons. The other child befriends a boy on the run, and eventually joins a terrorist organization, which ultimately saves his friends. The main boy, Connor ends up receiving the arm of a demon from his past, but it is all right, and he comes to terms. The main girl, Risa, remains in a wheelchair. The both of them take over the graveyard, saving children. The other boy, Connor, became famous. Officers placed him into a padded cell in a jail as the “clapper who didn’t clap”, a terrorist that did not blow himself up. Instead, he went into the blown building to save his friends.

This was such a fantastic novel that I just could not stop reading. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, as it kept me in suspense. I finished it very quickly, and I would gladly read it again. I would recommend this story to anyone.

                                                                                Austin Branson


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