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The Fault in Our Stars
March 17, 2013, 11:54 pm
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        This is essentially a teenage love story but with a twist. The main protagonists have cancer. Most high school kids have a sense of invincibility, but the characters are all too familiar with death. Hazel Grace was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at thirteen and has excluded herself from many of her peers over the course of three years. Then one fateful day she meets a healthy boy who has recovered from cancer himself. They begin hitting it off immediately. Most people do not know what it is like having cancer but they understand each other perfectly. They really come together by a book called An Imperial Affection because it is a fiction novel about a girl with cancer and has an identical story to Hazel’s life. I am not one to like these kinds of books (too chick-flick-like) but once I started reading it I finished it in about two days. It was impossible to put down. This was definitely a chick flick novel but something about it made it enjoyable for manly men as well. Anybody could read this and connect with it since most of us have dealt with cancer in some way, whether with family or friends.

Christian Burton


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