Reading for a Lifetime Together

April 7, 2013, 2:13 am
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I read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Hazel has cancer that was supposed to kill her two years ago. Amazingly a medicine shrunk the tumors in her lungs. Every week she goes to a cancer support group. One week she meets Gus who actually lost his leg. She and Gus become friends and eventually turn into more than friends. Gus and Hazel begin talking about their “wishes” from The Genies. The Genies is a group that grants wishes to kids that are really sick. Gus hasn’t used his wish so he decides to use it to take Hazel to Amsterdam, Netherlands to meet Peter van Houten the author of her favorite book, “An Imperial Affliction.” When Hazel meets him it doesn’t go as she hoped it would, but she’s still thankful Gus used his wish for her. Later on that day Gus tells her that his cancer is back and he’s dying. It comes as a shock to Hazel because she always worried about hurting Gus when she died, she had no idea he would die first. At the end Gus dies after a few weeks of suffering. The book was really touching. It had both funny and sad parts. I enjoyed reading it even though it made me cry at the end.

–Carissa Bell


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